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Book Review: Rebellion (The Colony Book 1)

Rebellion (The Colony Book 1)Rebellion by J. Tomas
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Wow, where do I begin? I guess I should say I don’t usually read young adult fiction. So I entered into reading this with no small bit of skepticism. I mean I wouldn’t be caught read a YA romance when I was a young adult. So this book had an uphill battle for me to like it. The Rebellion sorta reminded me of my favorite children’s book of all time, This Time of Darkness by H.M. Hoover, so I found myself comparing the two and measuring The Colony up against that as a standard. I received The Colony as a freebie from the publisher and I must admit I just wanted a free book lol. But I promised to write an honest review and so here I go.

I’m not going to rehash the plot because you can read about that in the blurb. The Colony started out slow for me. There was some world building but not too much because after the story was over I still had questions about the world the main characters lived in. The characters were a little dry for me at first too. I couldn’t find any compelling reason to care about the hero or what was happening to him. There was no dilemma or question which got the story engine going for me in the beginning so I spent the first 3/4th of the novel wondering when something was finally going to happen. However the last quarter of the book finally took off for me and I was really excited about what would happen to our erstwhile heroes and how their future would unfold.

Of course that’s when the book ended, with a cliffhanger. Now I need to read the sequel because that last quarter of the book is where the story really got cooking with tension. I’m really curious as to what happens next.

The overall tone of the story felt more like a long prologue for the real story yet to come. I must remember though that this book is geared for a younger audience and so maybe some of the finer details that I would have liked to see in the story were not included because of that factor. Since we only see the story through the eyes of the hero there is no way to know anything that he doesn’t know which leaves little room for suspense.

There were some moments when I was annoyed with the main character Aine who’s name I hardly remembered as all his focus was on his love interest Kyre. Once the hero discoverers his love for Kyre nothing else in the world matters to him. He makes some silly errors in judgement but perhaps they happen because of his youth and inexperience and not just because the author needed him to provide plot setbacks.

Overall I give this book a solid B+ and I am looking forward to seeing how the story resolves in the next installment. I’m looking forward to the two heroes growing up, experiencing real life, and being changed by the process of being alive and in love.

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