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Angel and the Assassin –

Angel and the Assassin (Angel and the Assassin, #1)Angel and the Assassin by Fyn Alexander
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Lol, o.k. I’ve been reading some of the reviews and something struck me as odd. People seem to hate the “unbelievable” sex scenes but have no problem with the apparently “believable” murderer assassin hero? I read the newspapers and watch the news every day and I’ve NEVER seen or heard a story about someone being assassinated by a snipers bullet except for that DC sniper years ago. I’m sure there are real assassins and spies but we don’t know what they are really like because they stay under the radar.

Basically what I’m saying is that the book is silly and you have to suspend disbelief to enjoy most FICTION stories anyway. Do I believe anything in this book is a reflection of real life? Heck no! Was it a fun read? Heck Yes!

But I also rip on a lot of fiction stories for being too far fetched so I do understand the frustration, but in this case it just struck me as hypocritical. I mean sometimes we all just gotta step back and say, hey this is a fantasy.

P. S.
And if you ever see me ripping on some werewolf book for being too “unbelievable” feel free to call me out. I need to lighten up sometimes too.

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